Edvisor, a Vancouver-based booking platform for education agencies, has acquired EducationLink, which provides education software for managing international education agencies.

EducationLink stated that its 150 agency customers will be able to use Edvisor’s school network which encompasses 1,500 schools in 30 countries. 

Founder and chief executive of Sydney headquartered EducationLink Raphael Arias told PIE News: “It just makes sense for us to join forces, because we complement each other. And the most important thing is that by working together, education agencies, colleges and the international education industry as a whole are one step closer to having a universal, easy-to-use, and seamless ecosystem to help even more students anywhere in the world.”

Gregorio Nieto, chief strategy officer at Edvisor, added: “All of us who decided years ago to focus our careers on building software for international education, share the same vision. Joining forces can only bring benefits to the industry as a whole and help us achieve our shared objective – making the international education industry more evolved, tech-savvy and efficient.

“The possibilities are limitless and EducationLink and Edvisor are only just getting started. Starting soon EducationLink customers will be able to take advantage of Edvisor’s network of colleges. They will be able to search, connect, quote, and submit applications to Edvisor’s schools via EducationLink.”

Date published: 13 November 2020

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