London-based publishing and education company Pearson has acquired workforce AI and predictive analytics company Faethm.

Faethm is an Australian tech start-up with customers in 21 industries in 26 countries and offices in Sydney, London, San Francisco and New York. It will become part of Pearson’s new workforce skills division.

Faethm’s founders, Michael Priddis and Greg Miller, will join the leadership team of the workforce skills division. Priddis is a former partner at BCG and Asia managing director of BCG Digital Ventures and Miller has held Asia-Pacific leadership roles at SAP, PeopleSoft and Unisys.

Michael Howells, president, workforce skills at Pearson, said: “Pearson and Faethm believe that people are a company’s greatest asset, and we want to ensure everyone is prepared for the future of work. Together, Faethm’s analytics capabilities and Pearson’s learning products will help companies of all sizes understand what skills they need and how to develop them. In this digital age, we want to help the world’s workforce unlock its potential and ensure that companies have highly skilled employees who can work alongside new technology. This is another key building block in Pearson’s strategy to help learners develop their talent and skills at every life stage, from school through to work.”

Priddis, Faethm’s chief executive, said: “Integrating AI-driven insights from the world’s most sophisticated future of work platform with the world’s learning company will propel the pace of upskilling and reskilling for any organisation, enabling their employees to benefit from the opportunities that tomorrow brings.”

Miller, Faethm executive director, added: “Faethm has helped many organisations understand what the future of work looks like. The next question we’re often asked is: now that we know our workforce needs, how do we help our people upskill and adapt to the changing world? With Pearson, we can identify where the world’s future workforce needs to be and help it get there.”

Date published: 8 September 2021

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