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School management system Xuno has acquired analytics company GradeXpert, which tracks and compares aspects of school life including test scores, attendance, behavioural markers and other metrics, Mirage has reported.

Launched in 2014, and originally desktop based, GradeXpert will soon be available as a web app either fully integrated within Xuno or as a separate system.

GradeXpert’s founder Anthony Sacker said: “Teachers knew what they needed, but even to this day they have to work within the confines of ‘one-size-fits-all’ thinking.”

Xuno group chief executive Dr Kiki Tanousis said: “GradeXpert is a fantastic addition to the growing cluster of expert systems that is Xuno. Schools need no longer tolerate ill-fitting mediocrity from legacy systems.”

Xuno’s general manager Bernard Peh added: “The key to Xuno’s rapid replacement of older systems has been our ability to provide significant versatility and depth – whilst helping users to retain some of their favourite capabilities. GradeXpert has a tremendous reputation in Australian education and it is great to make such a high-class option more readily available to schools.”

Xuno and GradeXpert are both based in Melbourne.

Date published: 7 June 2021

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