Ottawa-based training course creation platform LearnExperts has closed an oversubscribed C$1.25m (£909,000) seed round with participation from Sand Hill North, MaRS IAF, and Capital Angel, Maple Leaf Angel, and Georgian Angel networks.

LearnExperts’ founder Sarah Sedgman said: “Years ago, when I was head of course development, I received a call from the CEO who needed my help because we were acquiring customers and releasing new features quickly, but our training lagged six to nine months after product release, which meant we couldn’t train our customers fast enough to get immediate value from our software and we risked losing them as customers”

Sedgemen said that while she was able to reengineer the course development process to ensure launch alongside the product release, which had a positive impact on customers, it was still a manual process and very time-consuming, taking months to develop the content and release the courses.

She therefore developed a digital course creation platform that automatically transforms existing content into a course. LearnExperts guides the user to create a complete course with best practices applied through proprietary artificial intelligence. Starting with existing content that wasn’t purpose-built for learning, the output is a consistent, ready-to-use course. Sedgemen claims that LearnExperts cuts the time to create and launch a new course from months to days.

Ryan Henry, partner at Sand Hill North, said: “We saw the value in LearnExperts immediately and knew that we wanted to be the lead investor. We look for innovative technology companies that are reshaping the future of work for the better. The LearnExperts platform saves course creators days of effort and empowers them to easily build high-quality consistent courses.”

Date published: 23 September 2021

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