Klassroom, a Paris-based company that aids parent-teacher communication in pre-kindergarten and all elementary school grades, has raised a $3 million seed round led by investment bank Bpifrance and several angel investors including Jerome Lecat, chief executive at Scality, and Andy Myers, president at Waterford.org and former executive at Renaissance Learning.

Klassroom said it will use the funding to accelerate growth beyond France, including in the US where more than 700 educators started using its app during the last school year without any significant investment in that market. Klassroom nearly one million users in France and said its user community doubled in just under two months during school closures and the Covid-19 crisis.

Klassroom provides a platform for remote learning, videoconferencing, and homework management. When a teacher starts to use the app in one classroom, other teachers in the school can join in. Teachers can create a new class in minutes, and they invite parents to access posts in the class feed including announcements, homework, videos, pictures of activities, polls, events, documents, and so on

Frank-David Cohen, Klassroom co-founder and chief executive said: “We are grateful for the support of our investors, and we appreciate the dedication of our employees and educator ambassadors in helping us get to this exciting inflection point for Klassroom. Communication between parents and teachers is key for children’s academic and social-emotional growth during the early years, and this is especially true when Covid-19 or other factors cause interruptions to the in-school routine. Impactful communication always will be the centre of gravity of our app.”

Date published: 1 September 2020

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