Amsterdam-based medical education platform Incision has acquired OK Learning, which offers e-learning modules for surgical assistants to develop their knowledge and skills through interactive video, Silican Canals has reported.

Incision stated it will integrate more than 50 of OK Learning’s interactive courses and features into its new interactive platform, which will contain educational modules to prepare surgical teams for high-risk tasks concerning equipment, medical skills, disposables, implants, and surgical procedures.

Ritsaart van Montfrans, chief executive of Incision said: “The team of OK Learning has managed to create a highly practical, interactive learning tool with great medical content. We are excited to add their interactive content to the Incision Academy, enriching it with instructional materials for perioperative practitioners to further improve engagement and time-efficient learning. It will help us to better satisfy our clients’ needs, and accelerate our international expansion.”

OK Learning’s founders Bart de Graaff and Cherida Louz are remaining the company.

De Graaff said: “In a dynamic environment such as the operating room, keeping up to date with professional knowledge is of great importance. With e-learning modules and a performance support tool, OK Learning has developed a practical solution to respond quickly to developments in the OR. We support the professionals in their development in an attractive and measurable way.”

Louz added: “As a scrub nurse, I was enrolled in educational courses that did not match my work in practice. At that time, there were no learning modules specifically for scrub nurses. Being an educator myself, the lack of content motivated me to develop educational modules for practice-oriented learning.”

Incision recently expanded into the UK, Sweden, Belgium and the Middle East. The company employs more than 40 people internationally and says it has over 175 universities and hospitals under contract worldwide.

Date published: 17 September 2021

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