Independent school operator Alpha Plus Group is launching Portland Place Online, a hybrid online school delivering live lessons taught by subject specialist teachers four days a week via videoconferencing, with one day a week spent onsite for more practical subjects such as art, design technology, science and sport.

Available for children aged 10-16, Portland Place Online says it is widening access to independent education for families from all backgrounds, as the hybrid model is only a third of the cost of full-time classroom-based learning.

David Bradbury, headmaster of Portland Place School said: “Our hybrid school aims to provide a flexible alternative for families whose working patterns are changing, as well as opening up independent education for all children.

“We use the most effective technologies including videoconferencing and adaptive learning technologies which help to personalise and differentiate learning through artificial intelligence technologies.

“Teachers maintain regular contact with their tutees, to check in on both their academic progress and emotional wellbeing. Students also have access to experienced counsellors for online consultations if required.

“At the same time, parents can track their children’s learning through the schools’ learning management system.”

Date published: 26 November 2020

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