Unibuddy founders Diego Fanara (left) and Kimeshan Naidoo
Unibuddy founders Diego Fanara (left) and Kimeshan Naidoo
(image from Unibuddy’s website)

London-based student recruitment platform Unibuddy has raised £20 million in a Series B funding round led by Highland Europe, with a follow-on investment from Stride. VC.

Unibuddy facilitates connections between students around the world and forges partnerships with university admissions services such as the UK’s UCAS. The platform has also been adopted by higher education institutions such as the University of Southern California and Cornell Tech. 

Unibuddy co-founder and chief executive Diego Fanara said: “This fundraiser will help us maintain our market leadership position in peer-to-peer as the number one platform for student recruitment, and catapult our international expansion. We’ll be doubling down in the US and in the APAC regions with ambitions to increase our university coverage around the world.

“From a product-development perspective, [it will] facilitate engagement along the entire student journey for better decision-making through peer-to-peer. Culturally, there’s also a desire to expand the team in different regions to become a more inclusive and diverse company. With the Series B announcement, there comes external vision and internal vision — we want to help our company grow by attracting more talent to join us in our mission.”

Kimeshan Naidoo, Unibuddy co-founder and chief technology officer, added: “We want every student at every university in the world to be able to use our product so that they can make better decisions. I’d also love if we could use the product development, and the upcoming growth, both to attract more talent and broaden the scale at which we’re going to work.

“Ultimately, we want to innovate to encompass the whole journey and provide value to the student life cycle from start to finish.”

Date published: 7 July 2021

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