Archer Education, a Los Angeles-based ed tech enrolment company has acquired higher education digital marketing agency Circa Interactive, and view.DO, a conversational experience technology firm.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Diego, California, Circa claims to have helped more than 60 university programmes increase lead flow, build brand awareness, and generate more students, providing services in SEO, paid search, digital PR, content marketing, social media and analytics.

Archer’s chief executive Brian Hartnack said: “With the rise of online education and alternative credentials, our industry needs forward-thinking solutions to serve the modern student and workforce. Whether we’re designing recruitment strategies for an online master’s degree, boot camp, or innovative learning modality, our solution is to personalise the student journey through engagement technology and use narrative to propel learners from first touchpoint to graduation.”

Clayton Dean, president and chief operating officer of Circa Interactive, now switches to become senior vice president of partnership management at Archer Education. He said: “We have always prided ourselves on knowing our partners – understanding each one’s story, students, and faculty – and we will continue to offer the same dedicated services, but now we can make a bigger impact.”

Archer chief growth officer Brad Gibbs commented: “By using technology to personalise a student’s recruitment experience, we’re bringing something truly game-changing to the market. Our combined marketing and enrolment services, as well as our flexible partnership format, create an opportunity for our direct university clients and other strategic partners to reduce recruitment costs and empower their ability to scale.”

Archer Education has also finalised the acquisition of Denver, Colorado-based view.DO, a conversational experience technology that scales and drives prospective students to complete the application process, via an asset acquisition from dotEDU Technologies.

Archer’s vice-president of student engagement Angie Mohr said: “View.DO allows us to replace post-inquiry thank-you pages with engaging digital experiences and automated nurturing via text or email, delivering more immediate and relevant communication for prospective students.”

Having supported more 4.5 million student experiences to date, the technology behind view.DO is designed to work hand-in-hand with a university’s current processes and human capital to qualify leads and deliver more applications and enrolments.

Hartnack said: “As a united organisation, we’re not only building an enrolment journey platform to help universities and other strategic partners recruit students more effectively, but we believe we’re personalising the experience for every individual dreaming of a better future through education.”

Date published: 7 July 2021

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