Begin, the company behind the Homer and CodeSpark Academy early learning programmes, has acquired New York City-based KidPass, a marketplace for parents to book activities for children, including in-person and online classes and tutoring for children aged up to 10.

More than a million parents across the US have used KidPass to book over 500,000 activities across thousands of subjects, including music, arts and crafts, sports, dance, academic tutoring, STEM, languages, and summer camps. More than 5,000 activity providers and instructors have used the KidPass platform, achieving more than $10 million worth of enrolments.

Neal Shenoy, co-founder and chief executive of Begin, said: “This acquisition allows Homer to curate and deliver premium memberships based on specific learning outcomes. Learning through digital apps, physical play, and in-person experiences all play critical roles in a child’s learning journey and with this acquisition, we’re able to meet children and families every step of the way.”

Solomon Liou, co-founder and chief executive of KidPass, added: “For so many families, the pandemic accelerated the adoption of new learning technologies and proved that kids learn in a variety of ways. The future of education will be multi-format, multi-channel, and personalised learning. In Homer, we not only found a partner that is aligned to that vision but one that is well on their way to building it.”

Date published: 16 August 2021

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