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Providence Equity Partners-backed special education content developer n2y has acquired AbleNet’s Equals mathematics programme and manipulatives kit, a multisensory maths instruction developed for students with disabilities.

The Equals mathematics programme will be integrated into Unique Learning System, n2y’s K12 online academic solution developed to help disabled students.

n2y chief executive Ed Holmes said: “Our goal is to enrich the lives of our students. Math literacy is at the forefront of learning recovery and student success. We are confident that the combination of Equals and Unique Learning System will help us achieve the goal of elevating math instruction while continuing to impact the lives of our growing number of students.”

Jen Thalhuber, AbleNet’s chief executive, said: “We felt n2y was the perfect partner to take Equals into the future. Their commitment to transitioning the programme into a digital delivery solution while maintaining the essential multimodal learning pedagogy ensures the best outcomes for all our math learners in special education.”

n2y is based in Huron, Ohio; AbleNet is headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Date published: 4 October 2021

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