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Cleveland, Ohio-based OverDrive, a digital reading platform for libraries and schools, has acquired TeachingBooks.net, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

TeachingBooks creates and maintains a source of supplemental learning materials and provides K12 schools with more than 265,000 curated materials, licensed and available to more than 55,000 schools and libraries worldwide, and catering to 24 million students.

Nick Glass, founder and head of TeachingBooks, said: “I started TeachingBooks 21 years ago with a dream of empowering every reader to connect to and learn from the author the moment they are reading a book. I’m so honoured to be moving forward with OverDrive, building upon the TeachingBooks foundation that colleagues and customers have spectacularly built. With the merging of these amazing literacy services, we will enable readers, librarians and educators to benefit from both the book and impactful enrichment materials.”

Steve Potash, founder and chief executive of OverDrive, commented: “TeachingBooks has compiled and created one of the most valuable collection of resources for the books that are essential for student reading. OverDrive’s marketplace, the largest catalogue of digital books for student reading programmes, combined with TeachingBooks’ vast catalogue of supplemental materials, provides educators and librarians a single source for both assigned curriculum and self-selected reading.”

Date published: 11 October 2021

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